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1. Link building should not be a quick fix process.

Because Google knows what’s happening under the hood, it’s never recommended to boost up your link profile immediately or in any unnatural time frame. 1000 links in three months? Sounds made up right? And Google knows it. So, link building always has to be gradual and “natural”.

2. Do not try to game the system.

Technically, we might be trying to game the system, but make sure it’s not aggressively stupid. You need to research what your natural niche is and leverage it. For example, if you have a website about “Red Apples” you need to stick to building backlinks on Apples and Red Apples not Oranges or Green Apples.

3. Link Building should go hand in hand with other SEO efforts.

There is no problem if it is otherwise, but  link building works most effectively when you also do other SEO like content building and on site optimization.

4. Relevancy should be the key factor.

Make sure you have enough content on your website that when found or discovered through your new links compliments to your anchor texts and article. This might sound like very general advice but this is extremely important. Make sure your anchor texts are carefully drafted and the content they link to are optimized well.


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