community organization


“We felt that money should go further than just supporting a family and putting a roof over our heads. There is more that could be done with a little bit of money.
And skills should go further than just earning an income. Skills would be valued much more if they are used with greater intent than just to create an income.
And so with very limited money and very few skills– we bonded together for the purpose of respecting self, culture,and the environment.”

Women Transformation

We believe that learning ways on how to earn a sustainable living is the dream of every woman, her family, and the whole community. We help women groups develop their skills into financial independence and sustainability by strengthening their existing skills… and introducing new ones.

We assist these women groups in giving technical know-how in the field of food preservation, food processing, computer literacy, web design, etc. Through these newfound skills, these women can regain their strength, stability, and self-esteem.

Christian Growth

  • All of our activities are designed to share and search for true Christian values that ultimately lead to a better life.
  • We establish a common cause to bring forth the construction of a fairer society, one that is God fearing.
  • We stimulate young minds to pray, respect and love one another, and make God the center of their lives.
  • We have come to understand that “peace of mind” is the goal of everyone, and this is the “Gift of GOD” to His special protégés.


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